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Shakara/London Scene | Expensive Shit/He Miss Road | Opposite People/Sorrow Tears And Blood | Coffin For Head Of State
Original Suffer Head/I.T.T.

Expensive Shit (recorded in 1975)
1. Expensive Shit (13:13)
2. Water No Get Enemy (10:58)

He Miss Road (recorded in 1975)
3. He Miss Road (10:46)
4. Monday Morning In Lagos (11:14)
5. It's No Possible (17:38)

The music on Expensive Shit is very similar to Shakara. But the obvious James Brown-influence was making way for an even more original style. Fela had his sights on creating African classical music. But this "classical" sound would be uniquely African. As a result, the grooves, and themes were simply getting stronger with time. Fela started favoring longer composition-lengths. In fact, at this point, 10-minutes was considered short for a Fela song. And soloing was taking an important role in the music. There is no denying that Fela's soloing skills on keyboards were improving. But his skills on the sax had reached an advanced level, and he could have easily held his own against some of the great American jazz musicians. He Miss Road continues exploring the same musical style as on Expensive Shit, yet it seems to drag from the 17-minute "It's No Possible". Fela quickly figured out how to keep long songs from getting boring on future albums. But at this stage he was still learning. This CD is recommended after Shakara/London Scene, and Opposite People/Sorrow Tears, and Blood.