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Minico - Music for the Court of a Minoan Queen or King


Minico is the classical electronic project from composer Michael Hagleitner of Vienna. Michael's compositional style mixes 20th century classical with ambient, and ethnic influences. He is also well-known in the world of generative music for his advance use of the KOAN program. KOAN, which was inspired by Brian Eno, allows composers to program the software to improvise music in their style. The program creates impressive variations of themes that you create. I recently tried my hand at using KOAN, and have to mention that it's a difficult program to use. Well, any beginner can start to create music(em, noise). But, it's another thing to create advanced, structured, and dynamic compositions. Michael's techniques are really advanced. Music for the Court of a Minoan Queen or King is a new album inspired by the folk music from Crete. The music here tends to mix ambient tones with flurries of modern classical melodies, and rhythms inspired from Michael's study of the folk music from Crete. There is also a strong soundtrack feel to the music. The thing that really strikes me about Michael's music, is his unique sense of melody, and use of music instruments(in this case sampled). The instruments that I hear include orchestral(plucked violin, oboe, flute, etc), folk(ancient Shepard's horn, and string), and Middle Eastern/Indian percussion. There is also tons of depth in each composition. As soon as my ears lock in on a melody, I suddenly realize that there are several countermelodies hidden deep in the background. This is ambient music for the musically adventurous. Overall, I recommend Minico to fans of ambient, avant classical, and progressive ethnic music.

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Minico - Elements

Minico is a solo project by Austrian composer Michael Hagleitner. The music on Elements combines ambient textures with 20th century classical influences. So the music tends to be soothing at times, yet features bursts of eccentric melodies and themes. The melodies, and rhythms are quite original sounding; like music that you would imagine a band playing in the 21st century. I'm reminded of a Gamelan orchestra playing Bela Bartok mixed with relaxed 12-tone melodies. The sound is ethnic, sometimes strangely dissonant, symphonic, yet absolutely fascinating. Fans of ambient, movie soundtracks, and 20th century avant-garde will enjoy listening to Minico.

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