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Sintesis - En Busca De Una Nueva Flor

Click on the album cover to hear a RealAudio sample.

Wow! Prog from Cuba that is as good as the best from England, Italy, and Spain. The music on 1979's En Busca De Una Nueva Flor reminds me a bit of the Spanish prog band Crack. The listener is treated to tons of classically-inspired themes led by Moog, piano, and even Harpsichord along with guitar, bass, and drums. There is a romantic Latin-American feel to many of the themes that will mostly appeal to fans of Italian prog. The Spanish vocals, both male and female, are also excellent and vary from solo, to choir(never annoying), to male/female unison. Sintesis produced one of the top albums from the late-70s prog scene.

Compositions: 9/10
Vocals(in Spanish): 9/10
Recording Quality: 8/10