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Jose Cid - 10,000 Depois Entre Venus E Marte

Click on the album cover to hear a RealAudio sample.

10,000 Depois Entre Venus E Marte is a space-influenced prog album from the mid-70's. Although the music is quite good, it does have a dated-quality to it. All of the songs are keyboard-heavy, and emphasize interplay between Moogs, piano, and Mellotron(In fact, the photo, inside the booklet, of Jose Cid next to his collection of vintage keyboards will make analog-freaks drool). But the guitarist is given plenty of room to solo for long amounts of time which tends to balance things out. Jose Cid also sings on several tracks in a style typical of mid-70s Italian and Spanish prog. 10,000 Depois Enter Venus E Marte is a very satisfying album that will survive repeated listenings.

Compositions: 9.5/10
Vocals(in Portuguese): 8/10
Recording Quality: 8.5/10

Tantra - Misterios E Maravilhas

Click on the album cover to hear a RealAudio sample.

Well, here is the CD release of Tantra's first album for the Musea label. Tantra were considered to be Portugal's best progressive rock back in the 70's. And this CD sort of proves that statement. The music, although very well composed and executed, will probably not blow you away, but is well worth the money. And, I have to hand it to them, they really don't sound like any other band. The booklet mentions that they loved bands like Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, and King Crimson. However, the music is free of those influences. Tantra had an excellent and unique drummer who played acoustic drums, and some of the first electronic drum pads released on the market. He isn't as mind-blowing as Furio Chirico from Arti E Mistieri, but rather his complex drumming is subtle. Misterios E Maravilhas seems to be hyped in the prog community, but don't expect a monster masterpiece. I would rate this more as a classic that has plenty to offer.

Compositions: 8/10
Vocals(in Portuguese): 8/10
Recording Quality: 9/10